Intensive Matwork Plus

Intensive Reformer

Intensive Cadillac, Stability Chair & Barrels

Injuries & Special Populations



STOTT PILATES Stabilization Principles

Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair, Level 1 & 2

Optimization of the Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Part A & B

Zenga Mat & Equipment

Advanced (Level 2) Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.


Yoga Tune Up ® Level 1 Certification

The Roll Model® Method – The Science of Rolling

The Roll Model® Method – Ball Sequencing and Innovation

Core Integration Immersion

Shoulders Immersion


Anatomy Trains Fascial Fitness 2014

Pink Ribbon Program Certification 2014

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Certification 2014

Bachelor of Social Work University of Sydney 1991, 1995

I have undertaken additional work based training in areas such as Mental Health,

Sexual Health, Drug and Alcohol, Childhood Sexual Assault, Narrative Therapy,

Brief Intervention and Motivational Interviewing.

Additional Counselling Training

Art Therapy Postgraduate training – University of Sydney 2000/3

NLP Practitioner Certification Training – Neuroads 2002

Mindfulness – Openground 2006


My path of finding ways to work with people to enable them to experience healing and the best possible health began when I was fourteen, at the time my father received his terminal cancer diagnosis.

I’m originally from Australia, where I spent my childhood on a farm in the beautiful Hunter Valley, later moving to the city to attend the University of Sydney and became a clinical social worker. I worked in this field for over 15 years, across a variety of health care settings, with people experiencing challenging physical, emotional and mental health issues.

During these years I also did pilates and yoga classes several times a week, and found that pilates helped me recover quickly from having each of my three children.

I came to understand the positive effects of breath and movement in creating a more purposeful and present state of being – to help us more happily inhabit our bodies.

We lived in Sydney until my husband’s work brought our family, including our two dogs, to Savannah. Here we enjoy the coast, the creativity and the community, as well as the opportunity to travel to parts of the country that we had never visited before.

I am excited to have found the perfect space in Savannah to create a serene and beautiful studio in which you can experience total focus and attention, with a variety of cutting edge pilates equipment to provide a comprehensive, personalized health and wellbeing service that delivers exceptional results.

There is never a “one size fits all” approach – I integrate my therapeutic background with the practice of pilates – providing a skill set to take outside of the studio and into everyday life.

I work with a broad client group, and I love the difference in each person – from people who haven’t exercised for years, to those recovering from illness, injury, surgery or childbirth or people preparing for special events – such as a wedding. I also work with athletes looking to optimize their performance, with programs for golf, tennis, cycling and running.

Whether you’re motivated away from inflexibility, restricted movement and pain or motivated toward greater tone, range of motion and strength – come and visit Starland Pilates to become aligned in your body and your purpose.

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