It is my great pleasure to share my experience doing Pilates with Kate for well over a year. I had never taken Pilates before and knew very little about the specifics of what it actually is. Since I had not exercised with any regularity or discipline before I began to work with her, I worried that I would not be able to do many of the movements involved, but I learned very quickly that Kate meets you at whatever level of competence you are at, with patience and with no judgement. She just wants you to live with a sense of well-being. She is a person with great sensitivity, gentleness, and awareness, and because of this I was able to focus on the exercises and not on my inability to do something or move my body properly.

I am amazed at her level of knowledge, not just about the body, but about the psychology behind such things as motivation and resistance to change. But regardless of her level of expertise, she more often than not returns to the fundamentals of health with me: she has taught me to remember to breathe deeply and slowly, to pay attention to the function and alignment of feet, hips, and spine, and to walk with regularity.

I am happy to report that since I began working one-on-one on a weekly basis with Kate, I have lost well over 30 pounds, not because I made a conscious decision to diet but because I made a conscious decision to pay attention to my body and its functions. In the process, I have been learning that my body is something to take care of and appreciate. I attribute a great deal of this progress to the work I have done with Kate.

Working with Kate has been a life changing experience.

I began taking individual Pilates classes over a year ago when a friend recommended Kate to me. I was getting ready for my September wedding, and I was hoping to add some tone in my arms. Although a valid reason to amp up my workout routine (and yes, she did help me improve my arm tone), Kate’s knowledge and genuine sensitivity to each of her client’s needs has become a life changing resource for me over the past year.

I have dealt with chronic G.I. difficulties my entire life, and just two months after my wedding my doctors determined that I was going to need a full colectomy – a procedure that would be a significant, life changing surgery. Kate was instrumental in making me as healthy and strong (physically and mentally) as I could be before the surgery, and worked with me from almost day one after surgery to me help discover how to regain my strength and learn to function in my new body.

Kate is a wealth of knowledge, and has not only increased my physical well-being but has stretched my perspective on how I approach my day-to-day wellness. She considers all of my needs (not only those associated with a specific workout), and tailors each and every session to create a customized experience. I am grateful for everything that I have learned from Kate, and look forward to continuing to holistically improve myself through my Pilates work with her.